There are six types of sushi.

According to authority figure in Japanese cuisine, Hiroko Shimbo, says sushi falls within one of the following types:

Chirashizushi (scattered sushi): A bowl of rice topped with different ingredients – similar to our build-apoke bowls.

Inarizushi (named after the Shinto god Inari): Its most common form doesn’t have any fish and is sweet. Inari is a pouch of deep fried tofu simmered in a marinade of mirin, soy sauce, dashi, and sugar.

Makizushi (rolled sushi): Rice and ingredients meticulously rolled in a sheet of nori seaweed, then cut into smaller pieces.

Narezushi (matured sushi): Known as the initial form of sushi, this technique involves fermentation of the fish, then later discarding the rice before eating.

Nigirizushi: Hand-pressed rice topped with different ingredients of fish, tofu, vegetables or omelets.

Oshizushi (pressed sushi): Also known as boxed sushi, this type is made by layering toppings, then cutting the sushi into rectangles, triangles, or small squares.